Friday, April 1, 2011

Life sentence for Argentine torture general

BUENOS AIRES, Apr 1. Justice in Argentina has sentenced to life imprisonment to former General Eduardo Cabanillas, "necessary participant" in five murders, 29 illegal deprivation of liberty, and other cases of torture, as part of 'Operation Condor' in crackdown on opponents. Cabanillas ran in the seventies, the illegal detention Automotive Oletti, hidden in a garage in Buenos Aires leased by the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE).

Former members of the SIDE Rufus and Honorio Martínez Ruiz spend 25 years in prison after being charged with 65 kidnappings and 60 cases of torture. Meanwhile, former member of Battalion 601 of Military Intelligence, Raul Gulielminetti will remain 20 years in jail after being convicted of 25 kidnappings and 21 cases of torture.

All charges carry the burden of being committed by public officials. The trial, which has lasted for nine months, has received much attention from defense organizations of Human Rights, the agency reported Telam. Research suggests that the detention center passed about 300 people, including some Uruguayans kidnapped for stealing a haul of ten million dollars were distributed among the SIDE and others involved in the crime.

Therefore, the case has also kept the public waiting for Uruguay. In the list of victims is also the son of poet Juan Gelman, Marcelo Gelman, who was transferred to the local neighborhood of Floresta Buenos Aires and later found dead in a drum of cement. Gen. Otto Paladino, then head of the SIDE, the one who decided to create the center in late 1975, during the government of Maria Estela Martinez de Peron.

In charge of the crimes put the band's far-right parastatal Aníbal Gordon. Most Orletti prisoners were missing while others survived and were able to testify at the trial. Currently the center houses a museum in memory of the victims.

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