Friday, April 1, 2011

Afghanistan, the Taliban change strategy

Kabul - The dynamics of the attack in Mazar-i-Sharif is not yet clear, but the combination of three events in three different cities across the country (and who knows maybe even some minor center) tells of a plan concocted with the intent probably obvious give a massive coverage of the commando action: a new technique in the Taliban fighters.

The Taliban have never tried to cover today's mass action indicates a change of strategy and a complaint to the same weakness: the need to simulate consent or to make it appear that their actions will have on the civilian population. An attempt apparently unmasked by the numbers and photos immortalize especially young guys (the Taliban have a cult following among college students).

But there's more. The face of war has slowly moved to the North, however, "pacified" the country but with very different tactics in the war in the South, the real stronghold of the Taliban loyal to Mullah Omar and the Quetta Shura, the command of the Pure and traditionalist wing "territoriality" of the Taliban, who favor the war of land mines and roadside (IED) suicide actions, which include a targeted use.

In the North instead shoots himself in the pile: the insurgency is weaker and the area is less sensitive to the call of the Taliban. In this area, the Quetta Shura has little influence. In the North dominate the war lords and local mafias and the old Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a mujahideen war against the Soviet-era and that it was first beaten and then form an alliance against the Taliban, in alternating seasons with them.

The routine also represent infiltration from Pakistan by radical groups that are beyond the control of the Quetta Shura and perhaps the same Hekmatyar and could have links with al-Qaeda or with the Haqqani family, which lives in Pakistan and monitor the part of Eastern Afghanistan. The Haqqani, al-Qaeda by faith, with priority going commando units, suicide attacks, the strategy of terror: a choice that put them on a collision course with many Taliban and other factions in a time when it comes to Kabul for talks even in the wall between American men and emissaries of the Quetta Shura, those loyal to Mullah Omar.

Emanuele Giordana Kabul (in collaboration with Lettera22 http://www. Lettera22. com /)

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