Friday, April 1, 2011

Fight against Gaddafi: CIA agents to spy on rebels

After the CIA representative had to close in the capital Tripoli after the riots, had the Secret Service sent this month again people in the North African country, said a former U.S. intelligence officials. The agents had helped, for example in saving the pilot of the rebel territory were smashed on Libya U.S. fighter jets. Moreover, intelligence officials sought to contact the rebels, said the informant. The exact duties of the spies are not clear. According to insiders, the cited the scout troop agents try possible targets for air strikes and to make contacts with the rebels. Specifically, it could provide information about locations of Qaddafi to find ammunition depots and troop positions.

So far, neither expressed nor of Defense to the CIA special operations agent in North Africa. "It is common practice for this and all other U.S. government, to comment on intelligence matters not," said President spokesman Jay Carney. Manpower on the ground "helpful" The use of agents can also be viewed as contrary statement against Obama, there would be no U.S. ground troops in Libya. The agents were part of a "shadow power" of Western actors, from the Obama administration's hope that it could hurt Gaddafi's military, writes the New York Times. " A military representative said on Thursday that the United States harbored no plans to deploy ground troops in Libya.

Some military officials consider the use of soldiers or agents on the ground, however, necessary. U.S. General David A. Deptula was a concern, in desert areas, the movements of the Gadhafi troops were relatively easy to understand with intelligence aircraft - in urban areas do not apply.

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