Friday, April 1, 2011

Fukushima, The government is on high alert, "Maybe out of plutonium

 - The Japanese government considers "possible" escape of plutonium from a nuclear power plant in Fukushima. After yesterday, the power company that operates the plant had announced that five points in the soil around the plant were found to contain plutonium, today confirmed it came from the chief of staff, Yukio Edan, who in a press conference has announced the "more controls, even in areas around the implant." In the same hours the Prime Minister Naoto Kan, has assured Parliament that the government is in a state of maximum alert "to Fukushima, where the situation remains" unpredictable "because the cooling systems of many reactors are radioactive leaks and failures have been widespread the day of the earthquake.

Khan spoke at a hearing before the Senate Budget Committee. As for the escape of plutonium, Edan said that it is still low levels, yet they pose new dangers to the technicians involved in the securing of Fukushima. The chief of staff has, however, explained that the 5 samples taken from TEPCO indicate that there is no immediate risk to public health.

As the contaminated water, the major problems are reported at reactor number 2 where the radioactivity is 1,000 millisievert per hour, four times the annual maximum level to which a worker may be exposed in emergency conditions. The water is injected into the reactor was reduced to relieve the pressure on the reservoirs and contain the leak, but all this has led to an increase in temperature.

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