Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gaddafi's offensive Trpoli southwest kills at least 32 dead

At least 32 people have died and dozens were injured in the last few hours, during an offensive by forces loyal to Muammar al-Gaddafi at Kotla, southwest of Tripoli and is controlled by rebels, according to reports. Gadafistas troops have continued this morning with the attack that began yesterday. "We are receiving scathing attacks from the north," said Ezref, a resident.

"Two people have died a while ago and so far we have four wounded," he said. While the regime continues its attack gadafista, the Libyan leader seeks not overlook the little diplomacy can still use. Despite international condemnation of indiscriminate attacks against dissenters of his regime, Gaddafi insists on sending messages to their neighbors.

Today, the Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs, Abdelati Obeidi has crossed the border into their country to neighboring Tunisia and then has taken a plane to Athens. What seemed at first a flight has finally been on the journey of an emissary of the regime. It has confirmed what the Greek Government, which has ensured that Obeidi has traveled the country on behalf of Gaddafi to deliver a message from Libyan leader to Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Suspicions have been fired after last Tuesday Musa Kusa leave their country for refuge in London. On the other hand, Britain has acknowledged that it has sent a diplomatic team to Libya to meet with rebel leaders in Benghazi. The delegation arrived yesterday directed by Christopher Prentice, British ambassador in Rome, who also played his role as head of British diplomacy in Baghdad.

"The meeting will discuss the work of former team and try to gather more information on the program of the National Council, its objectives and more broadly what is happening in Libya," said the British Government. As war designs in offices early yesterday Gaddafi men attacked from the west, firing indiscriminately at everything that moved in several residential areas.

Apparently, government forces have used heavy artillery and missile batteries. In the last hours, the fighting has been concentrated in the Southwest. Zinta City, about 160 kilometers southwest of the capital, has also been bombed by loyalists in the early hours of Sunday, according to AFP.

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