Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Good news for American women. Their salaries will continue to be lower than those of their male colleagues, but the gap has decreased significantly: for every dollar earned by a man, a woman receives 83 cents. Seventeen cents difference. To understand the great strides made in recent decades in the United States in the seventies just think that a woman earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by a male colleague.

And ten years ago the difference was still more than twenty cents. To reveal, is a survey by Forbes magazine, which stresses that the figure represents a milestone on the road to gender equality in the labor market. According to Forbes, among other things, there are areas in which women can rely on payroll figures higher than those of male colleagues.

Some of these works, at least a fortnight, until a few years ago were almost exclusively male territory. Such as the painter of that, 97%, is still an activity for boys, but these women earn slightly less. The same happens with the baker, every week, paycheck take home about $ 18 more than men.

In these cases, the "advantage" of women seems to be justified by their own limited presence in the area, which almost always leads them to be highly specialized and better trained. There are different cases, like the bartender, where the greatest gains can be justified by the higher tips.

Then there are those slices of the labor market that for decades have been almost exclusively of women, such as education (mostly kindergarten and primary school) and where many teachers leave behind their male colleagues, especially for reasons of "seniority" working . High demand and are also better paid women foreman and lines of work, often awarded for a more thorough preparation.

A wanted to make a comparison with Europe, we find that the percentage of the wage gap between men and women within the Union is about 17.5%. With peaks touching 23% in Germany and 30% in Estonia. And in Italy? The gap between the sexes in terms of wages, is only 5%. But the wage gap reduced coincides, unfortunately, with limited access of women to positions of power are almost always in the hands of the "stronger sex".

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