Sunday, April 3, 2011

Southern Mistral 2011

So now we know that the war against Libya was prepared through a military exercise in early November 2010, when even the so-called "popular uprising" had not yet even begun. Who can sincerely wants to go on this link. Staggering, but we tell it themselves. The country is, in code, Southerland, land of the south.

The dictator is not named, but the planners in Paris and London had already planned what is happening: that beneath their bombing "humanitarian" the family of the dictator was forced to negotiate the surrender. The predictions of general Sarkozy were very accurate (when you say the foresight!).

The attack was planned in the days between 21 and 25 March 2011. About four months in advance. Congratulations! Even the "coverage of the United Nations" has been anticipated. Only "error", but really venial, the number of Security Council resolution. In reality the number was 1973, the exercise would be the number 3003.

So now we know how you can twist the arm of the United Nations, without even shedding a little cry of pain. Concerns about "humanitarian" were not part of the plan, as yet there were no demonstrations in the streets. So were the reasons behind the "other". What? It 'opened the competition for the best answer.

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