Sunday, April 3, 2011

The regime in Libya is negotiating a possible exit from Gadhafi

Moammar Gadhafi's regime sent a messenger from his confidence in London to hold secret talks with British authorities, according to sources familiar with the meetings to the newspaper "The Guardian" at a time when the Libyan leader rejected a truce with the rebels. The British newspaper the exclusive details on who sent the scheme a few days ago for talks with British ambassador to Libya and several officers of the M16 is Mohamed Ismail, a senior adviser to one of the sons of Libyan leader, Saif al-Islam .

His name appears in the leaked diplomatic cable the WikiLeaks site as one of the architects of weapons contracts signed by Tripoli, while also have acted as an interlocutor in matters of military or political. The contacts form part of the Libyan regime initiated in recent weeks and that would be part of Tripoli's intention to seek an end to strategic conflict lives submerged in the North African country since February.

Diplomatic sources consulted by the British newspaper explained that among Gadhafi's children has increased interest in achieving a solution to the conflict. However, there are no official versions in this regard. One possibility being considered for a short-term relief passed by the Libyan leader de facto relinquish power in exchange for symbolic maintained, while also study the creation of a national unity government would be headed by Mutasim Gadhafi, another son of the president-and that would have opposition elements.

Gadhafi refused rebel conditions for a ceasefire and said it will keep its troops in places where they are deployed.

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