Sunday, April 3, 2011

The end of national sovereignty

In London was discussed whether to provide weapons to the insurgents Libyans is confirmation, if any were needed, that Libya has not taken steps to "safeguard the lives of civilians," the official reason was that the UN resolution, but in favor of one of the two factions in the camp. However, more disturbing news coming from the London summit is another: the decision to form 'a permanent contact group with the task of coordination among international organizations for humanitarian assistance and support of the opposition'.

It's the end of national sovereignty. No state can no longer be master in his house, which will depend on a super-arbitrator to decide if it behaves in a manner sufficiently virtuous internal opposition, which does not deserve a punishment, to the sound of bombs, like the one that is undergoing Libya .

But who are these people who assume these rights? There are 36 countries, including some of the most democratic states, or assumed, that they identify with the 'international community', a concept that is regularly smoky but pulled out when you want Rigar straight to someone who is not 'democratically correct '.

But there are another 140 in the world. Of course no one will dream ever take off of the Mirage to Moscow. The activity of the 'Contact Group' will head rags, for one reason or another, do not go to the blood to the West. In any country is relatively easy to stir up opposition to then have a pretext to intervene.

The Americans have done in Kosovo, arming the Albanian separatists, and try to do every day in Iran. The British have done in Libya. At the beginning of the crisis was the Libyan part of the insurgents. He sympathizes with those who instinctively revolt against a dictator. Convince me that said that "in any case the issue must be resolved between us in Libya, without foreign intervention." But it was enough that Gaddafi react because they put Sarkozy to call Dad and Mum was born.

Stay in front of Gaddafi in Sirte by the troops were shouting: "We welcome the NATO raids. Sarkozy you think. Arrive early, so that we can then move forward. " It is a very convenient way, this, to the insurgents, to the heroes with the mutual. Afghan insurgents, who are seen substantial opposition would rather say that occupy 80% of the country have for ten years, the treatment that the Libyan rebels have tasted for a few days by air Gaddafi.

Do not complain. They fight, despising Americans who use almost exclusively for the fighters and drones, unmanned planes, and making mulch of civilians (even Karzai, in front of the nth massacre, was forced to tell his American masters, "But at least one fight while 'the Afghan! "). It is very easy to make the muscle when you know you can hit without being hit.

Pierluigi Battista is the case that sparked a polemic against the 'right to peace', especially Felt. I knew when we did the Baptist Home. It was with Aldo Piro, one of our 'youth shop'. Both very good. But Baptist is one that if a firecracker explodes to ten meters faints. It is part of that group of "fans heroism of others, the monopolization of patriotism in the rear, snobs of war" so beautifully described by Curzio Malaparte in 'The revolt of the Saints cursed' after Caporetto.

If there was a chance that a missile hit Gaddafi our cities, our homes and maybe yours, Pierluigi Battista become more pacifist Felt. , April 2, 2011

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