Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fernandez complains that his warmongering in Libya London

BUENOS AIRES, April 2. Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez, has today criticized the militarism that keeps the UK in Libya and ironized, in relation to expressions of fear have been some British authorities of the country about what might make Argentina, calling that seem "almost a joke when you see them to other regions undertaking bombings.

" "They come to just accuse us that only participate in peacekeeping missions, to us who are world champions in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, to us who have still attacked by international terrorism, come to doubt the willingness peaceful" expressed. Argentina's President made these statements, which have been collected by the channel Telesur, during the commemoration of the twenty-ninth anniversary of those killed in the Falklands War, which was held in Rivers Gallegos in the south.

In the tribute, Cristina Fernandez has reiterated its commitment to continue fighting to get the sovereignty of the islands. "This president is going to continue struggling for the recognition of what is already the sovereignty over our islands, Viva Argentina, Falklands Live, Viva la Patria!" He exclaimed.

Thus, the president of Argentina, has complained to Britain his ignorance of the United Nations resolutions which called upon both countries to discuss the sovereignty of the disputed area. Finally, Fernandez pointed out that international law is "the only way a country can be called civilized and democratic."

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