Sunday, April 3, 2011

The police in Brazil have evidence that Al Qaeda in the country record

Brazilian police have evidence that the Islamic terrorist organization Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and two other militant groups have acted and still do in the country that have been used as a hideout, logistics center, source of collection of money and planning of attacks outside of Brazil. Explosives police documents have been revealed by the magazine Veja and are called to create a strong controversy in the political world as well as an alarmed public opinion.

The journal also served to document its unique CIA and FBI. Veja, known for having raised the most exclusive newspaper in the last 20 years, says that according to police reports seen by the last two months, the Brazilian Federal Police is aware that a network of 20 militants of Al Qaeda and four other extremist organizations live as ordinary citizens in Brazil using the country as a base of operations.

The magazine has managed to locate four of the militants, one of them, Husseinsw Khaled Ali, born in 1970 in eastern Lebanon, a follower of the Sunni stream of Islam. Having disappeared for years landed in Sao Paulo in the early 90's. He married and had a daughter by which got a residence permit in 1998.

This, according to Veja, one of the leaders of the propaganda arm of Al Qaeda. From São Paulo coordinated extremists in 17 countries. Texts and videos of Bin Laden's disciples are disclosed only upon approval. He is also reserved the task of providing logistical support to the operations of Al Qaeda.

It is part of a terrorist network that spreads its tentacles throughout Brazil. Treated as "Prince" by his teammates Ali was followed for four months by the police until he was arrested in March 2009. In addition to the evidence of terrorism on the Internet, police found on your computer spams sent to the United States inciting hatred against Jews and blacks.

The police charged him for the crime of racism, incitement to crime and gang formation could not charge him with terrorism because the Brazilian Penal Code does not provide the offense. He was detained for 21 days and was released because the Federal Public Ministry denounced it no justice.

According to Reinaldo Acevedo, "terrorists exploit gaps left by Brazilian law to settle in the country" and recalled that the Brazilian Constitution considers terrorism as a crime he did not prescribe. The incongruity is that despite this, there is no law to punish the crime. Perhaps because this country has never suffered from terrorism in the flesh and looks at it only from afar in other countries.

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