Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dozens of protesters injured in Yemen protests

Yemeni .- Dozens of protesters were injured Sunday when police used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse a protest against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who called for an end to weeks of unrest. At least 10 people were hit by bullets in the violence in Taiz, south of the capital, but most suffered the effects of tear gas, a doctor said.

The protests inspired by the riots in Tunisia and Egypt have led to the Saleh government to collapse. But the president, a survivor of political turmoil, on Sunday called for ending the violence, saying he has no intention to resign soon. "We call on the opposition coalition to end the crisis by suspending protests, roadblocks and killings, and would end the state of rebellion in some military units," Saleh told supporters in Taiz province.

"We are prepared to discuss the handover of power, but in a peaceful and constitutional framework," he said, to chants of "No concessions after today." His ruling said it had received a transition plan by the opposition movements, in which Saleh hand over power to a vice while taking measures to create a national unity government and early elections are called.

"Although we have not received," said an official. United States has openly expressed concern about who will succeed Saleh, a man she considers an ally who has helped to contain Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based arm of the militant network. Opposition groups have increased their actions against Saleh in the southern port of Aden, rather than a separatist movement which ensures that the reunification of South and North Yemen in 1994 driven by Saleh left them marginalized.

Much of the town was deserted on the second day of civil disobedience in which businesses shut down. Opposition groups have also called for people to stop paying taxes and utility bills. Hundreds have been camped in and around Sana'a University since early February, but in the last two weeks Saleh has begun to mobilize thousands of supporters in the streets.

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