Thursday, June 2, 2011

They hold 32 youth in Nigeria for trafficking babies

A group of 32 pregnant girls have been detained by police after holding a clinic in the Nigerian city of Aba, in the southeastern state of Abia, suspecting that the center was for trafficking in babies. Geoffrey said Ogbonna, spokesman for the Police in Abia, the doctor Hyacinth Orik, director of the Clinic Heda, Investment Foundation Cross, was arrested last week along with the rest of the staff.

The police spokesman added that the center newborn babies sold for about $ 300 boys and girls $ 200. Although authorities have not identified those children were sold, Abia local media have suggested that many were destined for adoption and other rites of witchcraft, in which babies are murdered and dismembered.

A young pregnant women, said Ogbonna, were not allowed to see their children once they gave birth, to avoid possible future identification. Orik, the director of the Clinic, who said that children were given to social workers for possible adoption, had been previously arrested accused of the crime.

The detainees are available to the Criminal Investigation Department of Police in Abia, in Umuahia, the state capital, to be present in court.

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