Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fighting night are dozens dead in Sanaa

Thirty-seven people, mostly fighters, were killed in clashes in Sanaa at night, between government forces and supporters of a tribal leader said on Wednesday 1 June to one source at a hospital in the Yemeni capital . Another report, transmitted by the AP, due to state his side of 41 dead. Most victims are members of the forces loyal to President Ali Abdallah Saleh or challenged fighters of the powerful tribal leader Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, rallied to the opposition.

The authorities have accused Sadek Al-Ahmar for breaking the truce he had announced Friday after three days of clashes that had sixty-eight dead. Street fighting in the district of Al-Hassab continued with violence during the night, residents said. "All night we heard the ambulances evacuating casualties," said one of them.

A camp of the 4th Army Brigade, located near the headquarters of Radio Television, has been hard hit by several shells. The headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, held by government forces, has also been the target of anti-tank rockets. The website of the Ministry of Defence, 26sep.

Net, said that government forces had "taken control of several public buildings," without specifying which ones. Reinforcements from the Republican Guard, an elite unit loyal to the Head of State, had been dispatched to the area of Al-Hassab, whose access was blocked by dams on both sides.

So far, the clashes were limited to the perimeter. But neighborhoods generally rallied to the challenge, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar (which has no relationship to the tribal leader, despite their common name), were hit by two shells on Tuesday night. The Yemeni authorities have denied having bombed.

The forces of General al-Ahmar, rallied in March to protest, control the north and west of the capital, while forces loyal to Mr Saleh take the rest of the city.

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