Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mitt Romney announces his candidacy for the White House

For the second time, Mitt Romney, 64, will try to reach the White House in GOP hands. The former governor of Massachusetts announced Thursday in Stratham (New Hampshire) candidates in the Republican primary to dispute the presidency to Barack Obama in November 2012. The candidate most likely favorite for the moment, the Conservative Party has started with a message focused on the economy.

"Obama has failed America," Romney has said. According to the billionaire, the Democratic administration has caused a huge loss of jobs and has increased fears of a new recession. "Under President Barack Obama, the government has grown and grown to consume nearly 40% of our economy. We are a millimeter longer be a free market economy," Romney has said in his speech.

"Obama promised to take us to a better place," he declared to his followers. "Three years later, the president says he's starting." "No, Mr. President, you have failed America." Polls show that Romney has a considerable advantage over other applicants like former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, and former governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty.

Besides splitting the favorite, Romney has a powerful fundraising machine, which is essential for participation in the U.S. elections. Last month raised $ 10.25 million (about seven million euros) in just eight hours in Las Vegas. "From my first day in the Oval Office, my number one job will be to ensure that the U.S.

is again the number one in job creation," he said. The economy is the main weakness of Obama in the forthcoming election campaign, although polls indicate that the president has more votes than his potential Republican rivals. The surveys also show that Americans are concerned about federal spending, the growing national debt and deficits.

"Mr. President, your time has past," Romney finished in New Hampshire.

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