Thursday, June 2, 2011

Abbe-44 Yemeni army of Al Qaeda

At least 44 members of the terrorist network Al Qaeda were killed by Yemeni forces as they tried to storm a military barracks in the city of Zinjibar. The Yemeni news agency Saba reported that the army and police launched an operation "clean" in Zinjibar, south of the country and taken over by Al Qaeda militants since last Friday.

Opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh blamed for allowing the terrorists to take the ciudadLa agency reported, quoting security sources, that the government caused a large number of casualties among the ranks of combatants, "who have lost control over his men ". Yesterday continued protests against the regime, who opened fire on the demonstration in the capital, Sanaa, killing at least 41 dead.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, emphasized that the conflict in Yemen will not be resolved until President Saleh decides to resign. "His presence remains a source of great conflict, and unfortunately, as we have seen in recent days, including military action and violence." Clinton complained that the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has not been signed by the Yemeni government.

"The president was given a very good offer, we strongly support." The proposal, submitted on April 21, involved the transfer of power to Vice President Rabo Mansour Hadi Abdi, within 30 days, and the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections two months later. On the other hand, Pakistani officials yesterday identified the messenger who carried the U.S.

intelligence to Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan. This is Saeed Ahmed Ibrahim, who was killed in the operation with his brother Abrar, and the terrorist leader. About 300 members of Al Qaeda take the southern city of Zinjibar. A day after attacking a headquarters and steal the patrols.

Besides killing 18 that faced them. Opponents accuse the president Ali Abdullah Saleh to enable them to take control. Yemeni Air Force bombed the city of Zinjibar and leaves 30 dead. Residents said the planes attacked positions of members of Al Qaeda, but also civilian buildings. Saleh's forces killed 57 demonstrators in the city of Taiz.

Republic of Yemen. Sana'a. Borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman to the north east. To the south is the Gulf of Aden. 968 km 527 000 133 000 492 cuadrados.24 million inhabitants. Arab. 62 billion dollars. Two thousand 600 dollars. Yemeni Rial. CIA, The World Factbook.

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