Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mladic case, the lawyer: "He has a cancer," But the ICC can prosecute

Milos Saljic, former general Ratko Mladic legal, extradited Tuesday to the International Criminal Court in The Hague Ratko Mladic is sick with cancer. This version of his defense lawyer, Milos Saljic, who had already played the card of the disease 'of Srebrenica Executioner' in the courts in Belgrade to prevent his extradition to the Hague International Criminal Court (ICC) instead of Tuesday.

According to the lawyer says the former Bosnian Serb military leader - arrested last May 26 after 15 years on the run - has a serious form of cancer in the lymphatic system, was submitted in 2009 was operated in a hospital in Belgrade and then chemotherapy. A demonstration of its release, noted Saljic, is the fact that Mladic has lost his hair and his skin flushed.

Some foreign intelligence services, continues Saljic knew that the designer of the siege of Sarajevo is sick and you looked after in Belgrade. "Then we talked about how to resolve the issue of Mladic - the lawyer said - but when it ended the first phase of chemotherapy, escaped and disappeared monitoring of services." All major and most important hospital in Belgrade have been denied the opportunity to have had among their patients, the former soldier was sentenced by the ICC for genocide and crimes against humanity.

A defensive line that is based on a false medical certificate, as the deputy to Serbian war crimes, Bruno Vekaric. Saljic can not even count on the doctors that the Hague Tribunal, after visiting his client, they concluded that the former Bosnian Serb leader could be tried, not having found no "pressing issue" in his condition.

Mladic will thus be brought before the judges of the ICC on Friday morning at 10.00. Since he was extradited, he spent his nights in a cell of the Scheveningen detention center, where his close friends are in custody. As the companion Radovan Karadzic, the ideologue of the operation of ethnic cleansing against Bosnian Muslims.

Held in the same structure but are also enemies of Mladic, as the Croatian general Ante Gotovina, accused of plotting an ethnic cleansing against the Serbs. "Forgive me. Protect your family, your grandchildren, and for me to keep the seat next to the tomb of Ana, the daughter who committed suicide in 1994.

So Mladic was discharged from the family when leaving Belgrade. E 'convinced that will not be able to return to live in their own country, the former general. A clarity that has prompted the Registrar of the ICC, John Hocking, to not have him for the monitoring anti-suicide. According to Hocking, the 'Executioner of Srebrenica' is "very cooperative, communicative and attentive." And while prosecutors in Serbia would like to thank the ICC for the arrest of Mladic, the leader of the council for cooperation with The Hague, Rasim Ljajic, announced that the hunt for super-Serb fugitive has cost the state 80 million euro in eight years , that is from 2003 when the former general has finally disappeared, going into hiding.

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