Monday, June 6, 2011

SLP needed for the search for Asian markets

.- The Secretary of Economy () in the state, Martha Elena Meade, said it is necessary to look for markets like Japan and Korea to achieve exponential growth among entrepreneurs in the state. He explained that the promotion of the rule in the Asian market has not been easy, but if necessary to the economic development of San Luis Potosi.

Of why these markets are being sought, the state official said that in the specific case of Japan, to natural disasters that have affected the country, has become an urgent need to install power plants elsewhere, making it attractive San Luis Potosi. And the advantage, according to Martha Elena explained by Meade, that many not only seek to install an enterprise, but also associated with some operator or provider.

Those already installed in the town, to make parts that can not be manufactured in Japan, this being a situation closer to San Luis Potosi to the market that is attacking. The head of the Sedeco reported that in addition to promoting the state is made to foreign companies, also works to promote products potosinos abroad, where they already have some applications in the unit, most food and raw materials.

Products with greater potential for promotion, both in the international market as Mexico, are cheese, enchiladas, as well as brown sugar and vanilla, concluded the official.

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