Monday, June 6, 2011

Pakistan announces the death of a senior al-Qaida

Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri, considered one of the most active military leaders and most feared Al-Qaeda, was probably killed, Friday, June 3, by missiles from a U.S. drone fired into the north-west Pakistan . The death of Kashmiri has not been confirmed officially by Islamabad, but Pakistani intelligence (ISI), quoted anonymously by the agency, have certainty.

"We are certain he was killed. We are now trying to recover the bodies," said one head of the ISI. Officially, Pakistan refers to "strong suspicion that Kashmiri was killed in the strikes." "But it is impossible for anyone to confirm it officially, because we can not access the body, and the villagers themselves ensure that they are unrecognizable," says a very senior Pakistani military, cited by.

Friday night, one of innumerable salvos of missiles that shoot regularly CIA drone in the tribal areas of northwest killed at least nine members of his group in the district of South Waziristan, a stronghold of Pakistani Taliban. Several military sources and local government had previously indicated that Kashmiri had been "seen in the" latter days.

The mystery of the death of Kashmiri is maintained by news contradictory Islamist fighters. On the one hand, the spokesman for Pakistani Taliban denied the information. On the other, the Harkat-ul Jihad Islami (HUJI), a group led by Kashmiri jihadi and affiliated with Al-Qaida confirmed his death, when "a U.S. drone attack June 3, 2011 to 23 h 15 ".

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