Monday, June 6, 2011

120 reported killed in Damascus by armed guerrillas ambush''''

At least 120 people died, including dozens of members of the security services, in Jisr al Shagur, northwest of Damascus, in an ambush and attacks by armed guerrillas, "Syrian state television reported. The chain, which earlier had spoken of eighty deaths, adding that also injured dozens of people during a series of attacks by gunmen on government buildings and in an ambush on security forces on their way to this town, located in the province of Edleb.

Some of the targeted institutions are a center of the security services and a post office. "Armed groups used anti-tank rocket launchers, light and medium weapons and grenades in terrorist attack" and taken roofs of buildings to fire at police and civilians, said the television. Syrian Interior Minister, Ibrahim al-Shar Muhammad warned that they will deal "with firmness and strength" any armed attack in the country, in a brief statement broadcast on the same channel.

"Given the state's responsibility to protect the lives of citizens, military and civilian, and government facilities that belong to the people we deal with firmness, strength and under the law. We will not sit still for any armed attack" said. The minister said that recently in the area of Jisr al Shagur "armed terrorists shot and used grenades against civilian employees and military" government institutions.

However, the opposition group on Facebook Sham rejected the case of an attack by armed guerrillas. "The Syrian television prepares to report a slaughter in Jisr al Shagur. Before the deployment of the security men there were no wounded in Edleb. Is there any Syrian armed guerrillas?" Questioned the NGO.

Sham considered that the guerrillas are armed security forces deployed in all cities of Syria and said the proof is the hundreds of videos posted on the Internet. On the other hand, the opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights raised to 45 civilians killed since Saturday in Jisr al Shagur and nearby towns in a brief note on its website.

During this weekend, that town and others nearby have been subject to shelling by the army and sniper fire and security forces. The Local Coordination Committees called on Syria on Facebook assured that there have been divisions within the army and security services and some deserters have found refuge among the residents of Jisr al Shagur.

Since the beginning of the riots in mid-March, the Syrian regime claims that behind them there are "terrorist groups" and refuses to acknowledge that the demonstrations are conducted by citizens demanding democratic reforms.

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