Monday, June 6, 2011

Benedict XVI is counting on Croatia to "revive Christian values" in the EU

Under a stormy sky, Benedict XVI entered the thick of things, Saturday, June 4, on the tarmac of the airport in Zagreb. Addressing the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, the pope, who makes a whirlwind trip of 33 hours in this "Little Poland Balkans", advocated that the upcoming entry of Croatia into the European Union be an opportunity to help the continent to "preserve and revitalize the priceless heritage of common human and Christian values." For his first trip abroad this year, Benedict XVI chose to hammer home the key messages of his pontificate: the defense of the Christian roots in a largely secularized Western Europe and its concerns about "the crisis of the West ".

Croatia, the vast majority of the 4.4 million inhabitants are Catholic, despite a decline in religious practice, should join the EU in 2013. The episcopal conference, to be close to the conservative and nationalist, but noted that the ICTY was "under political pressure from major powers" to indict and convict former Croatian generals charged with murder and deportation of Serbs from the region Krajina in central Croatia, in 1995 the threshold of the European Union, "we can also understand that there is a fear of a too strong central bureaucracy, a rationalist culture that does not take sufficient account of the history, the historical richness of diversity, "acknowledged the pope in the plane between Rome and Zagreb.

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