Monday, June 6, 2011

For the murder of policeman five arrested in Afghanistan

Five people, all Afghan, were arrested for the murder of Italian carabinieri Cristiano Congiu, took place yesterday in Afghanistan, region of the Panjshir. The place is now the expected arrival of four Italian investigators as part of the investigation opened on the assassination of the military, died in an ambush tesogli after defending a woman who was with him.

The Italian American friend of the policeman would now be in custody "protective" in order to acquire new information useful in the investigation. The detention of women, although classified as protective, raises new questions on the murder of the policeman, who now questions aim to clarify the Italian investigators.

The officer's body was transferred from the Afghan authorities in the Bagram Air Base According to the reconstruction of Inayatullah Toofan, a spokesman for the governorship of the Panjshir, Congiu was in the area on holiday, accompanied by a woman and an interpreter, the woman, fall into a ravine, was rescued by a villager from a nearby village believed to assist in an attack the policeman had opened fire on the Afghan man, injuring him, then was attacked by a group of Afghans and - according to the spokesperson - would have been beaten to death, without being hit by a bullet.

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