Monday, June 6, 2011

Chile .- Puyehue volcano ash began to fall in Argentina's Patagonia

BUENOS AIRES / SANTIAGO, 6 Jun. The Puyehue volcanic ash that erupted last Saturday, began to fall on Monday in two major cities of Patagonia, Argentina, forcing the state to declare emergency in the area while In Chile the authorities remain on alert for volcanic activity. Changes in wind direction would be responsible for the ash has reached the town of San Martin de los Andes, according to Civil Defense confirmed Monday.

The ash also affects Junín de los Andes and rural populations in the area south of the province. In Bariloche, a major tourist site located in the province of Black River, has not yet reached the ash cloud, but a state of emergency continues. The airports of Bariloche and Trelew (Chubut province in) will be closed until Wednesday, announced the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

The Emergency Committee has begun an intensive campaign on Monday broadcast with recommendations to the public. The classes were suspended, as well as activities in the Judiciary, reported the official news agency Telam Argentina. The eruption of the volcanic complex, about 920 kilometers south of the Chilean capital, has left casualties or injuries, as reported by the National Emergency Office.

Along with the expulsion of lava rock material and the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle has cast a plume of ash 10 km high and five kilometers wide that moved by strong winds in Argentine territory, to the tourist area of Bariloche. More than 3,500 Chileans have been evacuated from the regions of Los Lagos and Los Rios in the Andes, about 955 kilometers south of Santiago.

Those affected are mostly small farmers who have left much of their belongings in their homes, primarily, about 9,000 animals that are essential for production in that area of Chile. Chile's Interior Minister, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, said "volcanic activity should aim to cease in the coming days and consequently, people may be returning to their homes in two or three days." During the Saturday night "there was a discharge of lava and volcanic rock detachment, which has justified and reinforced the idea that this is an area that must remain evacuated," he added.

Seismic activity in the area has been reduced, as emergency services ensured by the Chilean government, reporting that on Sunday, 17 earthquakes per hour, unlike Saturday, when up to 240 earthquakes occurred every 60 minutes, reported local daily ' The Third '.

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