Friday, April 8, 2011

At least two dead and scores injured in Yemen protests

.- At least two people were killed and scores injured when security forces dispersed thousands of protesters Yemenis in the town of Taez, south of Sanaa, according to hospital Al Safwa of that city. About 25 people were injured by bullets and nearly 200 demonstrators were cases of suffocation from tear gas fired by police against protestors.

Around half a million people gathered in the plaza today Horreya (Freedom Square) in downtown Taez to follow the Muslim midday prayer, according to Efe could verify. After the prayer, the celebration began several funerals of the demonstrators killed in Monday's protests against the regime of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, that left twelve dead.

In addition, several thousand people went on a march to the headquarters of the governor of Taez and riot police fired shots and tear gas to disperse them. On Monday, at least twelve protesters were killed and 36 wounded during protests against the Yemeni regime in Taez, medical sources said a hospital in Liberty Square, led by the opposition.

The sources of this makeshift medical center, located in the plaza scene of daily protests in this city, explained that the victims had gunshot wounds. These incidents coincide with two mass demonstrations in the capital, supporters of Saleh and the other opponents. Since last January 27, Yemen has been the scene of sporadic demonstrations against Saleh, who have been growing since mid-February.

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