Friday, April 8, 2011

ATRS account for the 'close' the U.S. Government

Washington remains in the lack of consensus within hours of the deadline for closing the U.S. federal government, which will affect all non-essential federal services and will require the temporary suspension of work and salaries of 800,000 civil servants. Financial disagreements on the budget of the White House in 2011 have given way to a showdown between Democrats and Republicans on the public funding of family planning and some cases of abortion and environmental reform plans.

The House of Representatives, where conservatives have a majority since January, has locked Barack Obama's budget for 2011. At first, the Republicans announced they would abandon the ideological issues to focus on reducing the public debt. In the last few hours, after three unsuccessful meetings between Republican and Democratic leaders and Obama, the first raised as a requirement for collaboration for an end to public funding to the national family planning program.

Harry Reid, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, blasted the Republicans: "They want to close the government because they think nothing is more important to prevent women being tested for cancer. Something like that is impossible to justify . Everyone should be outraged.

dards Republicans should realize how shameful it is that behavior. " "This is an attack against women," he said at a conference of the Democratic minority leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi. The last meeting between congressional leaders and Obama ended on Thursday night (Friday morning in Spain).

Behind her, the president said today he expected a response to their offers by the leader of the House Republican John Boehner, or begin to take steps to initiate the closure of government that affect national parks and museums and other services not considered essential, as well as 800,000 of the two million civil servants in the U.S.

there. In a public appearance, Boehner offered for the second time in two days, pass a bill funding the Army that would last until the end of the year and followed by an extension of the current budget period of a week to continue negotiations, something that Democrats have refused. "The only reason that no agreement is public expenditure," he said.

"When the Democrats decide to seriously debate about cutting expenses?". And there was a similar closure will occur at midnight (six in the morning in mainland Spain) if both parties do not agree last minute. It happened in 1995 when Bill Clinton was president and Republican Newt Gingrich took the chair of the House of Representatives.

In a similar context to the present, public opinion eventually punish the Republicans in next year's presidential election, Bill Clinton won.

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