Thursday, March 31, 2011

Troops advancing rebels Gadhafi Libyan reverse

The better armed and organized forces of Muammar Gadhafi on Tuesday reversed the westward advance of the rebels Libyans, as world powers met in London to draft a Libya without the "brother leader." U.S. President Barack Obama, said in a television message before the conference that U.S. forces are not trapped in trying to overthrow Gadhafi, but failed to mention how it will end the military campaign in Libya.

America is back to a "supporting role" to let NATO take overall command of U.S. forces on Wednesday, but air strikes by American planes, French and British are still key to crush the artillery of Gadhafi and facilitate rebel advances. It took five days of air attacks of the allies to spray tanks Libyan Government about Ajdabiyah city before Gadhafi troops and the rebels fled from entering to begin his career of 300 miles in two days in the wilderness, until 80 km from the bastion of Gadhafi in Sirte.

But the rebel truck convoy was ambushed and overrun by soldiers of Gadhafi. The advance was stopped and the government forces retook the town of Nawfaliyah, 120 kilometers east of Sirte. "The people of Gadhafi rocket hit us and we were surrounded by the flanks," said Mohammed Ashraf on the front, a rebel than 28 years with a sling of bullets.

Sporadic noise of heavy weapons was heard as dozens of civilians in their cars quickly away from the fighting. A man stopped his car to berate the rebels. "Stand up and stop posing for photos," he shouted, to no avail. Subsequently, a round of machine gun and rocket fire hit on rebel positions.

Before the slaughter, the rebels were covered with sand dunes behind to answer the fire, but gave up after a few minutes and jumped into their truck to leave, retreating to the town of Bin Jawad. Shells fell in their path. Without the airstrikes, it seems that the rebels did not manage to retain land or make progress, the battle around Sirte, Gaddafi's birthplace, will show whether the rebels hit their limit.

Reports that some residents of Nawfaliyah fighting alongside government troops is a bad sign for the world powers expect a quick end to the Government 41 years of Gadhafi. Obama said he had no choice but to act to prevent "violence on a horrific scale" against the Libyan people. Gadhafi accused Western powers of Libyan civilian massacres in alliance with the rebels, who branded as members of Al Qaeda.

"Stop the brutal and unjust attack on our country (...) Hundreds of Libyans are dying because of this bombing. The merciless massacres being committed against the Libyan people," he said in a letter to world leaders, published by the agency Libya's official news. "We are a people united behind the leader of the revolution, facing the terrorism of Al Qaeda on the one hand and terrorism on the other NATO, which now supports directly to Al Qaeda," he said.

The rebels deny any link with Al Qaeda and Tuesday promised free and fair elections if Gadhafi is removed from power. More than 40 governments and international organizations met in London on Tuesday to establish a group that includes Arab states to provide political guidance for response to war and coordinate long-term support for Libya.

Both Britain and Italy suggested that Gadhafi could go into exile to give a quick end to the civil war of six weeks, but U.S. Ambassador to UN, Susan Rice, said there was no evidence that the Libyan leader was ready to relinquish power .

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