Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Hainan, Mao fell from its pedestal

Shanghai Correspondence - An icon has fallen. The founder of Communist China gave way under the blows of the developers. A Wenchang on the resort island of Hainan, south China, the construction company Yilong needed space to build a luxury resort. It therefore provided a moving forty kilometers a statue of Mao Zedong built on 1 October 2008 to mark the anniversary of the Republic.

Sacrilege! On 19 February, the day scheduled for the start of marble, an error handling layer to the earth high white statue of almost ten meters. The six bands who break up. Mao eventually into a thousand pieces, a broken nose. Aware of the seriousness of their act, not knowing what to do, the workers leave the statue for six days.

It's enough to make pictures spread on the Internet and the nostalgic drama crying. "It's the humiliation of Hainan, China, the CCP, all Chinese," one outraged visitor, however, which states that does not make an omelette without breaking eggs. For real estate catalyzes discontent in China today, one after the reforms of the post-Mao.

The promoters do not they take advantage of the weakness of peasants to enrich themselves without recourse, based on the corruption of local officials to seize their properties? And accommodation, with prices the new burden of the people, symbolize the eyes of many inequalities of "socialism with Chinese characteristics." "You have no empathy when people set themselves on fire during forced demolitions, so why the excitement for the destruction of this statue" retorts a micro-blogger surnamed Zhang Erlengzi.

Faced with the discontent of the more conservative, Yilong the company apologized and offered to rebuild a Mao, according to state media. The figure of the Great Helmsman still adorns banknotes and Chinese official historiography presents again as a hero despite his responsibility for the Great Leap Forward that China condemned to starvation.

The artists who prey to the myth that test the limits of the regime, as Ai Weiwei, who dares to send a speaker at arm portrait hangs in Tiananmen Square and publish the photo. In school, history lessons continue to attribute the guilt of the great proletarian cultural revolution in the "Gang of Four" led by Mao's wife, but not the late president.

One user, however, recalled that during those chaotic years during which the country was in fire and blood, the statues of Confucius or the Yellow Emperor, founder of Chinese civilization, were thrown down. It runs: "Now is the turn of Mao." Harold Thibault Article published in the edition of 31.03.11

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