Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama has authorized the CIA covert operations in Libya

U.S. officials told the agency, on Wednesday 30 March, the president signed Obama in recent weeks, a confidential decree authorizing CIA covert operations in Libya to support the insurgents. Moreover, Obama and some of its allies, including France, openly reflect the possibility of supplying arms to insurgents from Libya, who have raised mid-February against the regime in place since 1969 in their country.

"No decision" has been taken on this issue, said Wednesday that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the output of a meeting to inform the House of Representatives of the situation in Libya. The Gaddafi regaining ground. While the loyalist forces resumed Wednesday the oil port of Ras Lanuf and progressed to Brega, about 80 km west of Ajdabiya, the rebels have stepped up their calls for help to the international coalition, which had not carried out airstrikes in the region for several days.

According to sources close to the rebels, Brega fell into the hands of government troops on Wednesday afternoon, unverifiable information directly. But Ajdabiya, located just 80 miles east of Brega, a journalist from the could hear the end of the afternoon the sound of gunfire coming from the region of Brega, sending the rapid growth of loyalist troops shortly before the airstrike.

NATO through the Combined Air Operations Center Renatico Poggio, in northern Italy, issued in the morning as planned operational orders in the form of flight plans for the units engaged in the air campaign in Libya allied official said. The Atlantic Alliance has already provided several days two other tasks: monitoring the arms embargo and the imposition of the no-fly zone.

According to the spokesman of NATO, Oana Lungescu, "Today, NATO aircraft flying under NATO command in the sky Libya. "NATO command to all units that were under his authority," she said, refusing to clarify whether these aircraft participated in strikes as troops advance of Muammar Gaddafi again towards Benghazi ( is), the rebel stronghold.

She stressed that this "step by step process will be completed as soon as all allies and partners have transferred authority over the means" military to make available to NATO. Allied diplomat said Tuesday that NATO would take effective command of the entire operation Thursday morning.

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