Thursday, March 31, 2011

Berlusconi made the reality in Lampedusa

All suspicions were confirmed. After 50 days of "immigration crisis" in Lampedusa, the 18,000 immigrants who have arrived since 1 January, on Wednesday last was known why the Italian government deliberately left to rot in the humanitarian situation on the abandoned island in the Mediterranean. He was the ace up the sleeve of Silvio Berlusconi, the ultimate triumph of a prime minister who, each time more glaring, only concerned with one thing: hold the office to escape unscathed from his four processes.

Lampedusa, humbled and overwhelmed by an unhealthy situation perfectly controllable by a country which is the seventh world power, was the perfect smokescreen for Berlusconi became, again, as he did in his days with the garbage in Naples and the earthquake L'Aquila, man of providence, in the politician who solves people's problems.

The staging was worthy of a postmodern Caligula master of a media system, as all that matters is to open the evening news. Berlusconi landed on the island at noon, a couple of hours after that, in Parliament, the center-right majority on the fly to change the agenda to expedite the voting process of the law soon.

The rule, which was expected to be debated for a week, includes an amendment called the short limitation, that the defendants have not been convicted their crimes will be extinct within 60% lower than others. The law as passed by Berlusconi number 30 in 10 years will mean the immediate death of Mills and Mediaset processes, and last night there were doubts about a third trial, the Mediatrade.

It was making a parallel reality, a reality with good impact, which would curb the predictable outrage that would organize the opposition. And that Berlusconi is a consummate master. Convened a meeting in the Town Hall Square, ordered to clean the streets of the Tunisians, the mayor removed from the sight of the protest banners (Ben Ali = Berlusconi), left the favorable ("Silvio, fix you"), the army removed trash, urine and feces that flood the island for weeks, the women's center was located right in the front rows, and Berlusconi began to promise seas and mountains with his inimitable mixture of populism, despotism and know plays fantasy Italians fiber.

"In 60 hours Lampedusa be clean of migrants. Have already begun arriving ships that carry them. Today I bought a house on the island I've seen online. I paid 1.5 million euros and have been to see with the prefect of the emergency. I do not like it, I have to do some work. So now will I also lampedusiano.

One of you. "At that time, there was a lady of the public to comment:" If we provide also a girl, surely return. " Berlusconi continued: "I saw that you have little green, we'll make a Green Plan with Mediterranean flora in the fall and a golf course. The colors of the houses of the port will change, we will plan Colors.

In addition, we will give free diesel for a year fishermen. And I will remove the tax for 12 months. I also decided to propose to the Nobel Peace Prize, because you are the boundary between the African civilization and the European welfare. I bought the fish from the Tunisian, so they can not reuse.

And I have given orders to RAI and Mediaset to issue notices and reports on Lampedusa, to many Italian tourists come. " Parliament protest at these times, in Rome, the opposition had called a demonstration to Parliament (see video of the daily La Repubblica). A group of about 200 people threw coins against Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, and other members of the People of Freedom, amid cries of "shame, shame." The image he traced the one that occurred in April 1993 when the Socialist leader Bettino Craxi was attacked with launch of lire by a small angry mob.

Soon after, he went into exile in Tunisia. The parliament session was finally suspended by Gianfranco Fini, president of the Chamber, after the Minister of Defense lacked a vaffanculo respect. Fini said: "I do not consent to offend the president." Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Mantovano, has resigned because of the crisis management of immigrants.

In Lampedusa, after making reporters wait for hour and a half, Berlusconi repeated one by one all the promises of the rally. Reporters asked insistently details about the emergency and the process soon. The Prime Minister could not give them, and insulted and vejo to those who asked him an explanation.

He merely said that a boat will take to 1,450 immigrants "Taranto and elsewhere." He said he had reached an agreement with the Government of Tunisia to return to "a number of Tunisian to his country", but did not say when or how many. Said the northern refugee host. Moreover, Mills said that the process is "an embarrassment to the Italian courts." Mocked a reporter saying, "I bought the house so you can say that also in Lampedusa incur a conflict of interest." It ended two months to justify the inaction of his government by suggesting that "many immigrants" were "potential criminals" who had "escaped from Tunisian prisons." It was a sad day for Italy, for democracy, to Europe.

Why not fit in this chronicle the amazing serenity and dignity of the nearly 4,000 young Tunisians who walked or slept last night in the open in the spring of Lampedusa, between detritus and police. Police yesterday confirmed that six people died in the shipwreck of a boat. Eleven people have survived and come to the island.

The clear desire for freedom of Ben Hassan, Nizer, Jahman, Fethi deserves a separate space.

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