Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the square for a new Mediterranean

The EU and its Mediterranean countries most affected area, especially as France, but also Spain and Italy, have transferred until recently the control of North Africa to a series of dictators, different from each other but united by the repression in respect of their peoples and the authoritarian control over their civil societies.

Another aspect is not secondary utility of these anti-democratic regimes in terms of European leaders in the control of migration flows. Sarkozy, Zapatero and Berlusconi turned a blind eye to human rights violations, torture and police systems, for long decades. This resulted, inter alia, the failure of any plans for euro-Mediterranean dialogue.

With regard to this he also played the subordination of Europe to the United States and Israel on the Palestinian issue, with the acceptance of the massacres in Gaza and the continuing policy of settlements in the West Bank. The Arab revolution, which also developed against the policies of the EU countries, now provide an opportunity to turn the page.

With the military intervention in Libya, Sarkozy and Cameron, but Berlusconi, trying desperately to get back in the game. As expected, and as I reported on this blog from the beginning, are now also infringing on the dubious Resolution 1973. Far from merely to offer protection to civilians, are heavily influencing the outcome of the ongoing civil war.

It also shows that armed confrontation, which count military technology and who is able to provide it, does not constitute a fertile ground for the just aspirations of peoples to self-determination. The ongoing war must be stopped, not only because it causes many deaths among the civilian population and from this point of view of the bombs do not hurt the coalition tanks of Gaddafi, the ongoing war must be stopped as soon as possible because it determines the strategic strengthening the military (see the statements of Putin on the need to revitalize the Russian rearmament) and can pave the way for neo-colonial adventures.

It should be hoped that the rebels in Benghazi take their choice of firm opposition to the intervention of the ground and not sell off the oil resources of the European powers. We must also mobilize for the immediate opening of negotiations to see self-determination as a result of the Libyan people and maintaining the national unity of the North African country.

The recent declaration of the tribes of the mountain of Jebel-Nefusa is an important step in this direction. In these negotiations should have an important role the African Union, so far excluded from the negotiations. Saturday, April 2 Italy that peace will come to the streets to say that does not want war and that progress must be built new relationships, genuinely democratic and bottom, with the Arab revolution.

This is the only euro-Mediterranean dialogue as possible. Why go ahead will also need to get rid of the current governments of the northern shore and replaced with others that are equal to the new situation is causing.

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