Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's how to export democracy

Now that the second country to introduce racial laws in Europe dispenses lessons of democracy and strives to foster shopping warmonger to disturb the Libyan dictator with whom he shared a short time before banquets and prostitutes, is to wonder what we mean by "exporting democracy "in the world. The first thing that comes to mind is that you first need to export anything to possess it, but here the debate would be eternal.

So let us take for example Afghanistan. The problem in Afghanistan was democracy or oil? A loud voice, the club of "friends of the bombers," says that we exported democracy. But then because the country, with a president sympathetic to the Americans, remains one of the most macho in the world? Why the Taliban and Karzai is opening in February proposed a law that would close the safe houses for women persecuted by their own families? There is an interesting article by Monika Bulaj goriziana edition of Little, who wonders what progress has been made in Afghanistan after the American attack in 2001 in the field of women's rights.

The death threats that constantly suffers who handles these safe houses testifies climate of terror in which women are living in that country. With the law that will close these oases and the resumption of public stoning for adultery closes another door in the face of women's liberation.

I quote a passage in this harsh article: "The woman's body, not the territory, is the real battlefield in Afghanistan. The teenagers have been stolen, raped, killed, imprisoned or sold with the permission of tribal law to pay for slights committed by males. Acid against female students in places such as Kandahar or Nuristan, the poison spread of girls' schools in Kunduz, the night threatening letters nailed to the doors of families of Balkh, who send their children to become educated, young girls who study in hiding in houses private ".

Implies a drama upstream, in some cases the fact that women educate and still is considered as unbecoming. Many women accepted the burka and they consider it necessary because of religious beliefs that makes them slaves, and because of the fact that they are ignorant. No one today would feel the need to wage war against Afghanistan by the fact that women in that country suffer.

Who cares, now that the oil business have been restored? The laws authorizing the rapes in the family are also endorsed by our embassies, and also by us. I think it's clear the lie to those who, under the pretext of exporting democracy, gives the bottom of the leftover stock of wartime history.

I think it should be clear that cultural battles are longer and more difficult and also the most important and must be fought with a weapon that you can not buy in the discount of warmongers, that of intelligence.

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