Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mubarak, under house arrest: Army

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, is under house arrest with his family, said the armed forces, denying reports that they realized a trip to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, for health reasons. "The former president and his family are under house arrest inside Egypt," said the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (CSFA), a body that runs the country since the resignation of Mubarak.

The Army announced the completion in September elections, which follow a presidential date not indicated, a vague timetable that extends the period initially planned for the devolution of power to civilians. "The elections were held in September," said Gen. Mamdouh Chahine, a member of CSFA.

Mubarak fell last February 11 after 18 days of unrest by protesters demanding his departure. The Egyptian military had agreed to lead the transition for six months or until new authorities were elected, but it is the first time officially announce what month the new election be held. Chahine said the military would do today or tomorrow a statement specifying the conditions for the transition.

He further stated that the elections "will not be made in a State of Emergency", implying that the measure, which was maintained throughout the presidency of Mubarak, will be lifted by September. The CSFA has announced the introduction of a new law on political parties to relax the strict rules that allowed the perpetuation of the dominance of Mubarak's party.

The measure does not prevent the formation of religious parties, but allow the Muslim Brotherhood-star in the demonstrations, creating a match with another name and with statutes that do not settle on a religious basis.

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