Thursday, March 31, 2011

The slap sound most of the last 150 years

E 'reverberated even among the rough desert of Eastern wadi reminiscent of the diplomatic slap trimmed blatantly, by European leaders that count, the Italian prime minister, the signs will be printed on both cheeks metaphorically lift for years to come. It never happened that the serious decisions about a war should be excluded from the government of the country whose territory is conducted major military operations.

Unless it were a colony. Even Germany, which is secluded from this conflict and who seem hostile, is given a voice. But the caricatures, the tables that matter, do not reserve seats. There is little to whine like the Ascari typists who blather of "unjustified slap" on the front pages, they complain of humiliation and were keen to "sacred indignation." As long as you dance the minuet at the G8 or G20 chansonnier a clown for dinner you can tolerate.

Although it may give on the nerves of the diners, the presence of innocuous question. But when dealing with serious faces and events hound is useless to pretend to pay attention to the best prime minister of the last 150 or 1500 years. Moreover, even a superhuman effort of diplomacy would have been futile, because what you said today at Palazzo Chigi, tomorrow is still denied by the foreign ministry and shortly after arriving from Via Belleri the statement that clears everything with sussieguo.

What credibility can a government where the foreign minister, who now plays a crucial role, is invented out of whole cloth a joint venture with Germany? Imagine if Merkel, liquidity risk policy after an impressive Filotto of electoral defeats, seeks to bury their remaining credibility by presenting (without sganasciarsi) in front of international media to present an initiative on Libya with Berlusconi.

Will be the effects of the solar irradiation in Val Badia, in Antigua. However, it is misleading to consider the humiliation suffered by Mr Berlusconi and Frattini as the result of a deliberate decision: the rudeness, however, is an act directed at a powerful if not at least someone to count for something, which has a role.

Sometimes it's a way to strike an opponent, a rival to irritate, to limit stress away. The prime ministers of major European countries, we can bet, I have no such intentions. Italy's Berlusconi to them is simply non-existent. If you really cared if they were, the limit will have thought of doing a favor to the old actor on Sunset Boulevard.

They will not want to distract from the show to the Court of Milan or the most pleasant tasks to be completed in the slums of Arcore between Coke Light and lap dance.

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