Monday, May 16, 2011

Francia/Brasil.- Experts retrieve all data from the two black boxes of Air France

PARIS, 16 May. Researchers from the plane crash of Air France fell to the Atlantic for almost two years against the Brazilian things have recovered all data from the two black boxes of the apparatus, including recording booth the last two hours of flight. The two cash registers, orange, arrived in France on Thursday kept in demineralized water after rescuing more than 3,900 meters deep, although one had lost some of its protection module.

In a statement, the Office of Investigations and Analysis of Aviation Safety of Civil Aviation (BEA, by its French acronym), responsible for clarifying the causes of the accident, confirmed to have been recovered "in full" all data from both boxes, which recorded both conversations in cockpit as that recorded flight parameters.

During the weekend, experts have subjected both boxes to clean and dry, which allowed the removal of memory cards and their data. But they cautioned that the contents must not submit to an analysis of "detailed and thorough" that could take "several weeks." NEW INTERIM REPORT. The BEA moved to establish an interim report after analysis, which will be announced during the summer.

This is the third report of the BEA, which in its early stages analyzed about 1,000 pieces of the plane. The second report issued by the Office recommended that "changing the criteria for certification" of speed sensors known as "pitot" Thales brand, which cast a new shadow on the reliability of them.

Last week the director of the BEA, Jean-Paul Troadec, and ahead the process of analyzing the black box data is complex and that the final report will not be issued until early 2012 at best . The accident killed all 228 passengers, of 32 different nationalities, including 72 French and 59 Brazilians.

Experts have carried out two copies of the data extracted - one for the team from the BEA and other legal research - in the presence of two German researchers in the BFU, a researcher at the U.S. NTSB. UU., British and Brazilian experts and members of the judicial police. In addition to the black boxes, the operation has recovered two aircraft engines, onboard computers, parts of the fuselage and cockpit.

Were also rescued two bodies of victims of those who have taken DNA samples and have located the remains of another 50 bodies. This operation has come at a cost of more than 35 million euros.

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