Monday, May 16, 2011

The story of Eliot Spitzer, the rise and fall of the "sheriff" in New York

Eliot Spitzer, Governor of the State of New York until March 2008, "Eliot Spitzer is gone despite not having committed any crime. In Italy, however, would be the height of Silvio Berlusconi fell to a prostitution ring after having sent an entire country falling apart for years, abused his power and ridiculing the law.

" No discounts on Rubygate Alex Gibney, an Oscar in 2007 for "Taxi to the Dark Side," and director of "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer," the documentary that reveals the intricacies of power hidden behind the resignation of 'former Democratic governor of New York. Elected in November 2006 with 69 percent of the vote, Spitzer has handed in his resignation March 12, 2008, two days after the New York Times had published the news of his meetings with Ashley Dupre, the prostitute of high rim Emperor's Club VIP, the agency he was having to ring the 'Customer No 9 '.

For her February 13 had booked a hotel room under an assumed name Mayflower Hotel in Manhattan, the same one where Bill Clinton met for the first time in public Monica Lewinsky. FBI to open investigations were initially suspicious monetary transactions associated with a round of corruption: in fact, were the 15 thousand dollars in finder fees for the eight sexy encounters with prostitutes.

Spitzer had never used public money to pay for the rendezvous and the girls were all older. What's more, the documentary shows how the powers that be on Wall Street, where it was called 'the Sheriff' for his fight against corruption and crime when he was Attorney General, had developed a plan to delete it using the his sexual weakness.

The easiest trap, known in slang 'honey pot', which bring down a man. But the question of morality and respect for the institutional role prevailed: "In the course of my public life I have often said, and I think that people should be responsible for their conduct, and then leave," he said in his speech of resignation reminiscent of his fight against illegal immigration and prostitution rackets in the 90s when it was Disctrict Attorney in Manhattan.

"Usually the Republicans involved in sex gate ask for forgiveness and re-apply, but Spitzer has been consistent and has resigned," says Gibney. "He could not accept to have fought prostitution in the first line and then show the proof of facts inconsistent. It was determined that a politician was in hot pursuit of sharks on Wall Street, from AIG's Hank Greenberg on which he had collided with Michale Garcia, Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

In addition, the State Department, then still under the administration of Bush, wanted him out because they defended the interests of the majority. In most feared force the family to a long ordeal if he had remained in place, despite his wife had encouraged him not to leave. " The exact opposite of what has happened in Italy, where Veronica Lario, Silvio Berlusconi called on the Republic had a 'sick man' and 'attending minors' in the center of a system in which' figures of virgins are offered to the dragon to chase success, the reputation and economic growth '.

A suspect in Spitzer was never spotted. "His actions have not resulted in casualties, it was always consenting adults. In the case of Berlusconi, however, denies the crime of child prostitution, as well as concussion, and this will be what the judges will have to try. If he is guilty will be convicted, but we must reflect on the dignity of politics, "notes Gibney.

"I think that Berlusconi and his scandals have misled the country and has made fun of the law. For this would have already had to resign well before any conviction. The attendance of Spitzer's escort has never interfered, unlike your President, with his public role. In politics, the former governor has always defended the weak against the powerful, which is why it was called 'the sheriff of Wall Street'.

So for the Ruby Knight gate is just one of the anchors, embarrassing, considering the state in which the country has reduced. " Spitzer also was aware that the financial lobbies have relied on his weaknesses, but in the face of the facts, the resignation was the tool to restore dignity to the office he held.

And he blamed only himself for what he did. "For political sex scandals are the preferred trap for enemies, but we must distinguish two levels. Clinton, for example, has had relations with Monica Lewinsky as President, as Berlusconi has done with girls who accessed its residences. Spitzer instead frequented the escort without abusing its power, yet he had the dignity of resignation, "says Gibney.

So what Clinton and Berlusconi have committed is more serious. "It 's ironic: we expect the most intransigent political and impeccable, while the most squalid, like Berlusconi, forgive the mistakes because we expect them concluded the director of' 9'-Client. Smile that seems to us more comfortable with who conduct reprehensible than those who only sometimes less virtuous.

Personally I prefer the latter. "

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