Monday, May 16, 2011

A mass grave was discovered in Deraa, Syria

A mass grave was discovered on Monday 16 May at Deraa, in southern Syria, by residents of the city, said an activist of human rights. On 25 April, the Army had invested the city, located 100 km south of Damascus, to quell the protest, before beginning its withdrawal, May 5 "The army has now allowed people to leave their home two hours a day," said Ammar Qurabi, the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria, reached by telephone by Egypt .

"They discovered a mass grave in the old city, but authorities immediately set up a perimeter around the area to prevent people from seeking the body, promising that some would be delivered later," he added. Mr. Qurabi said ignore the number of people buried in common grave. The crackdown on protests did, according to the organizations of human rights, at least seven hundred people, including several hundred to Deraa, and resulted in thousands of arrests across the country, sparking strong international criticism.

The US-based Human Rights Watch said that the scheme now stalking the relatives of political opponents and defenders of human rights. "The leaders of Syria speak of a war against terrorists, but what we see on the ground, it is a war against ordinary Syrians - lawyers, activists, human rights, students - who calling for democratic reform, "he said in a statement Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the organization for the Middle East.

According to NGOs, security forces in some cases detained relatives and neighbors of opponents of the Baath party to know where they are. "The Syrian government uses all possible solutions to detain and punish those who call for civic reforms in the country," said Whitson, adding that many activists had decided to hide in response to their family.

Several prominent dissidents detained in connection with the protest movement were released, including a leading opposition figure Riad Seif, activist and human rights Talli Catherine, said Sunday the militants.

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