Monday, May 16, 2011

Osama bin Laden was surrounded by dozens of children

Surrounded by the bustle of many families within the high walls that gave him refuge in a house with a look of prison, Osama bin Laden worked continuously on a computer, dictating his terrorist empire guidelines, dispersed and beleaguered. Bin Laden instructed members of Al Qaeda and its affiliates: attacks that caused heavy casualties, but most were small-scale shocks.

The latest intelligence information seized in the hideout of Bin Laden offers a complicated picture of the fugitive, on the one hand deeply committed to the mission of his violent life, but on the other a little tired and distracted. Inside the compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, the extremist leader was busy in conspiracies, rehearsing and recording messages of propaganda, and sending messengers to remote Internet cafes for them to send emails from there stored in flash memory.

For U.S. officials, the information found in the house of bin Laden shows he was busy trying to plan the operations of Al Qaeda after the attacks of September 11, 2001. However, the terrorist leader was disconnected from your organization in real time, without phones or internet in hiding with his followers in a constant hunt.

They seem to miss the essential elements of a command and control function from Abbottabad. And for a man who worked from home, seemed to have many distractions. The U.S. commandos that killed him, an adult child and two other people on May 2 were 23 minors and nine women (including three of his wives) in the three-story house, half hidden behind stained walls.

Strange as it may be, spent the final months surrounded by dozens of children, so any idea of domestic tranquility is probably an exaggeration. Even before being a terrorist, this man lived with his family without air conditioning or a refrigerator in the sweltering heat. Also let her own pets were used by their soldiers in poison gas experiments, forced his family to dig trenches and sleeping in them when camping in the desert, according to a son and a wife who collaborated on the book "Growing Up Bin Laden "(" Growing Bin Laden ").

Until now, intelligence services have done an initial analysis of the 100 or more units of memory and five computers seized during the raid on the complex have not identified specific objectives or plans of future attacks. Nor have they found evidence that bin Laden has been able to coordinate the timing of attacks by supporters of al Qaeda in Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq and Somalia, or that have been behind a failed bombing of a plane to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 or the most successful attack on cargo planes bound for Chicago and Philadelphia.

In fact, it is unknown exactly what else could Osama perform on their "jihad" (holy war) after the 2001 attacks, not to stay alive and hiding out for nearly a decade. That in itself was quite a feat, but failed to repeat the U.S. death toll declined to the end. U.S. forces tracked down and killed their most wanted enemy, Osama bin Laden, after a chase of 10 years ended in a quiet village in Pakistan.

Who's next? After the death of the leader of Al Qaeda in a raid on 2 May, the U.S. has made clear that Islamic militants will pursue in Pakistan if found, and on top of any list would be the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar . For years, U.S. officials have said that Omar, who has only one eye, is in the Pakistani city of Quetta near the Afghan border, where she heads the Taliban leadership council, or shura.

" Pakistan rejects the allegations that Omar is in the country, or even so-called "shura" in Quetta there. But such negative ring hollow after the leader of Al Qaeda was found in the country after years of similar statements. The people in Quetta are nervous and some scorn on both sides of the fight against Islamic militancy.

"I have no sympathy for Mullah Omar and the Taliban but neither I have for Americans," said Zulfiqar Tareen, a pharmaceutical company representative taking orders from local owners in major markets of Quetta. "Yes, the Taliban are terrorists but so is America." For the American Union, desperate to find a way to end nearly a decade of war in Afghanistan, capture or kill Omar could be decisive.

"If they really want to stabilize Afghanistan and Pakistan should go in search of Mullah Omar. He is the key, "said an Arab diplomat in Pakistan. "It would not surprise him to be the next target." It has a population of about 2.5 million people, including Afghans, and is located in a mountainous area.

For a long time the city hosted Afghan refugees and sympathizers of the Taliban, and is located near a mountain pass into neighboring Afghanistan, specifically the province of Kandahar. Afghan officials say is the virtual base of the Taliban, where Islamic militants rest, medical treatment and their leaders hatch plots.

At the home of bin Laden video was pornographic material in abundance. Keep in mind that the property had no connection to the internet and it was precisely the isolation of modern technology, one of the keys to find their hideout. The shopkeeper of the family, Qaisar Anjum, said Bin Laden's house consumed in abundance, both Coca Cola and Pepsi, and apparently not spared in Nestlé milk or good quality shampoo.

Family shopping day of the two Pakistanis were owners of the house where the terrorist leader was staying. It used to drive a minivan or Suzuki or a Mitsubishi Pajero, which in some Spanish-speaking markets sold as Montero. Limiting the grounds of the house's most famous moment was a plantation of marijuana.

Said somewhere that could help relieve kidney ailments Bin Laden, but in a country like Pakistan and in this particular area, that is a plantation of marijuana to say that there was a plantation for medicinal purposes. One of the little boats of Bin Laden kit containing oat syrup, a product for which we all know that now serves as a natural substitute for Viagra.

There were also drugs for stress, ulcers, herpes and nerve pain. The kit also contained a jar of Vaseline family size so that some wonder if Bin Laden had a skin problem. One of the five home videos found in the nest of terrorists and to spread the United States shows bin Laden covered with a blanket, a wool hat, gray beard and watching on TV a story about himself.

That house is a mysterious terrorist handwritten diary is so good to be true. Their existence also was leaked by U.S. officials say it contains details of future attacks on railway infrastructure in cities like Los Angeles or estimates of how many Americans would be killed in an attack that was effective.

In housing 10 hard drives seized five computers and more than 100 storage devices like CDs, DVDs and USB sticks. Apparently the internet was replaced by a low-tech method. The gardens of the home of bin Laden were to be filled with cricket balls. Tariq Khan, 14, said they used to play around the property and that when they lose a ball gave them a lot of money to buy a new one.

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