Monday, May 16, 2011

There are 60 injured in religious violence in Egypt

At least two people were killed and 60 wounded in Cairo in clashes outside the headquarters of the Egyptian Television, which erupted when unidentified group attacked a Coptic Christians protesting against sectarian violence. According to several local television stations, the situation has been controlled by police and the army has used tear gas.

The state television said on its website that the origin of the clashes resulted from an argument between a protester who controlled the traffic in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian Radio and Television and the driver of a minibus. The channel reported that many religious people fired from a bridge that passes near the site of the concentration.

Police managed to detain one of the shooters. Hundreds of Copts and Muslims gathered outside the television headquarters since last Nov. 5, a day after 15 people died in a clashes between Muslims and Christians in the popular Cairo neighborhood of Imbaba. Sectarian tension has increased recently in Egypt where Christians, mostly Copts, representing 10 percent of the country's population, estimated at about 80 million people.

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