Friday, June 10, 2011

Thousands of Syrians involved in a new protest Friday

.- Thousands of protesters turned out today to the streets of several cities in Syria after Muslim midday prayer, calling for democratic reforms in a new day of protests dubbed the "Friday of the Clans." According to several web sites of opposition groups, tens of thousands of demonstrators chanted slogans like "Go, go" and "The people want the fall of the regime" in cities like Qamishly (northeast), Deir al Zor (east), Aleppo (north ), Hama and Homs (center) and DERA (south), among others.

The group said the Syrian Revolution tens of thousands of people marched in the neighborhood and Suq Al Hader in Hama. Also, more than 500 thousand demonstrators took to the streets in Deir al Zor, reported the website of the opposition group facebook Flash, which noted that there is a strong deployment of both the Army and snipers in the surrounding towns of Damascus.

There have also been shot in places like Idleb (northwest) Homs, and Qamishly Deraa as the opposition group of local Coordinating Committees in Syria, said that so far there have been no casualties. The Committee adds that it has cut off electricity, water and communications in the city of Ariha in Idleb province, where Army tanks and troops stormed this morning.

For its part, the Red Sham said there sporadic artillery fire in Jisr al Shugur, where security forces have set fire to crops, according to the website. The state television accused armed groups of such fires. The organization of the Revolution Syrian opposition said that according to the indications which are coming from Jisr al Shugur, an indeterminate number of senior military officers have deserted because of disagreements with the controls.

According to this page, this would be the reason behind the Syrian army offensive launched this morning against the population and the surrounding villages. In this sense, the television channel Al Jazeera showed a video of a brigade official course number eleven in announcing his resignation over what he described as "genocide of unarmed people." Syrian state television said that after the noon prayer was "some demonstrations with limited participation" and showed footage of the output of prayer in various locations to stress that the situation in the country is in total tranquility.

However, the channel's correspondent said Deraa when police tried to disperse a march by about 150 young, unnamed groups started firing indiscriminately at protesters and security forces. The correspondent did not report that had been casualties. Also, the TV reported that armed groups in Homs shot civilians in the Bab Amru and a security guard was injured.

From political protests that erupted in mid-March, the regime of Bashar al-Assad has tried unsuccessfully to appease them by force and the adoption of various liberalization measures. Over a thousand demonstrators have died as a result of repression of the protests, which have intensified and spread throughout the country, and that the regime blamed terrorists and armed groups is an international conspiracy.

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