Friday, June 10, 2011

Argentina .- opposition parties announce their candidates for President of Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, 10 June (Reuters) - Opposition parties on Thursday announced its candidates for presidential elections in Argentina, when a few days before the president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, report on whether or not to seek reelection next October. Polls show Fernandez de Kirchner would win the election but the president, who is legally entitled to a new four-year period has not yet formally announced whether he will run, raising uncertainty among its staff and leaders of the divided Peronist the as their main trump card.

According to the legal deadline, the registration of candidates expires next June 25. Fernandez de Kirchner has publicly given mixed signals about his candidacy, but the consensus of analysts and politicians is to compete since after the death last year of her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner, is the only one that fully represents the so-called "Kirchner" The Peronist faction in the government.

The opposition is weakened by its divisions after the victory he achieved in 2009 parliamentary elections and a growing economy that has reduced the popularity of the population, despite an inflation rate close to 25 percent annually has spurred protests and conflict work. "We're having a 47 percent (of votes) for Cristina and all other opposition candidates have less than 20 percent of voting intentions.

Now we're in a seasonal because it is a month of definitions," said political analyst Carlos Fara told local radio. According to electoral law in Argentina, a presidential candidate wins first round directly if you get a 45 percent or more of the vote, or at least 40 percent of the vote and a lead of 10 percentage points over the second.

Otherwise it must contest a second round. FIGHTING INFLATION Social Radical Civic Union (UCR) announced Thursday the deputy Ricardo Alfonsin as its candidate for president, accompanied by the respected economist and Central Bank extitular Javier González Fraga as vice presidential candidate.

The deputy, son of the late Raul Alfonsin, Argentina's president between 1983 and 1989, said the mission of his party will end with inflation, corruption and squandering of state resources. "The fight against inflation and restore confidence of the Argentine people in institutions is a key challenge," said Alfonsin.

"We appeal to all Argentines to join us, belong to the party they belong," he added. Alfonsin, in his speech also referred to a scandal that touches the Government for alleged diversion of public money from a housing program implemented by the Foundation Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, a flagship advocacy group Human Rights supports the ruling .

The Peronist Eduardo Duhalde, who ruled Argentina between 2002 and 2003, amid the worst crisis in U.S. history, also announced his candidacy on Thursday accompanied by the outgoing governor of the province of Chubut, Mario Das Neves. The center-left lawmaker Elisa Carrio and quite possibly the outgoing socialist and governor of the province of Santa Fe, Hermes Binner, would complete the offer opposition candidate for president in the elections on 23 October.

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