Friday, June 10, 2011

In Libya, the helicopters will not finish the job

French helicopters engaged in Libya since June 3 hit three times, three nights in the region of Brega. Twenty goals have been achieved. The Tiger and the Gazelle, who departed the ship Tonnerre, conducted "joint raids" with their British counterparts Apache parties HMS Ocean, said the General Staff, Thursday, June 9 in Paris.

The record may have seemed weak in the eyes of Libyan opposition forces. Including Misrata, where loyalist forces of Colonel Gaddafi renewed attacks on Thursday. The rebels were waiting impatiently for the new means of the international coalition, which, striking the nearest, can significantly increase the pressure on the regime.

But the fear of losing one of its aircraft led NATO to avoid using them where the forces are too threatening Qaddafi with their small arms, rocket launchers or other. This is the case in Tripoli, where aerial bombardment distance intensified in recent days. Brega A, pro-regime fighters were rather a defensive position and were not overly powerful, analyzes the French command.

The action of the helicopters, which can "see much better what is hidden", ie forces Gaddafi mixed populations of Libyan cities, must be regarded as a "complement" to strike fighters, said the Admiral Philippe Coindreau, commander of French naval group. One expert, David Cenciotti, found it strange that Apache helicopters have committed to destroy a radar installation, simple and secure target, a NATO air strike had failed to neutralize, "Is this only demonstrate that use of helicopters? " "Complementary," they also help share the burden.

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