Friday, June 10, 2011

Libya-war: UN investigator doubts about mass rape

The UN investigator for Libya, Sheriff Bassiuni holds, the mass rape by soldiers loyal to Gaddafi incredible: He said Thursday that the allegations were probably an expression of "mass hysteria" in the Libyan population. Both in the government-controlled parts of the country and in the rebel-held areas in the east, he got to hear the same story: prevention and power resources were distributed to the fighters to use mass rape as a weapon of war.

His "interpretation" was that the Libyan society at the time of dissemination of this information "so vulnerable" was, was that "they created a mass hysteria" had. The investigators explained his doubts about the evidence of the allegations: A woman wants to have occurred 259 cases of sexual abuse by means of a questionnaire on the track and have it shipped 70 000 questionnaires.

Among the 60,000 returns to 259 cases of sexual abuse have been documented. However, his investigators, the material was never presented. Bassiuni doubted that the woman would have sent the sheets just in March, when the Libyan postal system was lying prostrate, and the fighting had already been in full swing.

Nevertheless, his team of investigators will pursue the allegations. The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Luis Mno-Ocampo, makes use of the questioned Bassiuni numbers. Mno-Ocampo had accused Gaddafi on Wednesday, soldiers, incited to mass rapes of women and for this purpose can buy Viagra-like power means to have.

U.S. recognizes Transitional Council as a representative of the Libyan people in Libya The Contact Group will support the rebels with about 1.3 billion dollars, spokesman for the organization announced after a meeting on Thursday in Abu Dhabi. Some states, including the United Arab Emirates do have their share of the billions to come directly to the Transitional Council in Benghazi.

The U.S. and Italy do, however, support humanitarian organizations so that they can help people. Only France will take part with about 400 million dollars to the support, Kuwait and Turkey with 180 million with 100 million. There was no agreement in Abu Dhabi on the use of sanctions in the wake of eingefrnen Libyan assets.

At the meeting, announced U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Washington recognize the National Transitional Council as a representative of the Libyan people. She also said there were talks with Gaddafi confidant about a possible change of power: "There are multiple and ongoing conversations with people close to Gaddafi, and we know that these discussions will include, inter alia, the possibility of a transition." Danish army go the bombs from the Danish army in Libya use the bombs to go out for their F-16 fighter aircraft.

The armed forces had asked the Netherlands to supply, reported the Danish newspaper Politiken. A Danish army spokesman confirmed the report does not expressly granted but talking to the news agency that its logistics department talk to the partners of the coalition to supply Libya. Since 20 March, Danish fighter jets in action.

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