Friday, June 10, 2011

Airports in Argentina and Uruguay still paralyzed by the volcanic cloud Peyehue

BUENOS AIRES / MONTEVIDEO, 10 Jun. The activities of the two airports in Buenos Aires, Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza and Montevideo remain paralyzed as a result of the ash cloud from the volcano in Chile Peyehue, that erupted on Saturday causing chaos in the airspace of the Southern Cone region. During the day Thursday 320 flights were suspended was due to arrive or take off from Buenos Aires for the terrible end visibility.

A similar situation Uruguayans lived in the Carrasco International Airport suspended over a hundred flights. In Montevideo almost all flights scheduled for this Friday until 16.00 hours (21.00 hours in mainland Spain) have been suspended for all but one of the airline BQB bound for Sao Paulo, according to the airport's website.

They have also canceled all landings until 17.00 (22.00 hours). The companies involved are LAN, Taca, Pluna, TAM JJ, Glass, BQB and Aerolineas Argentinas, among others. The National Weather Uruguay reduced the alert level to yellow, but warned that risks still persist in the airspace by the presence of cloud and rain of ashes.

"Right now the situation remains unchanged," he told local newspaper 'El Pais' Laura Vanoli, Director for Aeronautical Meteorology. The Ministry of Public Health recommended the Uruguayans take precautions, but said that "until now, air quality monitors and mobile distributed nationwide and in the department of Montevideo, have not identified particulate matter composed of volcanic ash" .

The volcanic complex Caulle Puyehue-Cordón, which stretches along 15 miles between the Chilean regions of Los Lagos and Los Rios, last erupted on Saturday, June 4, and forced the evacuation of about 4,000 people 22 rural locations. The last recorded eruption occurred in 1960, after the tragic earthquake of 9.5 degrees that rocked the city of Valdivia in Los Ríos.

CONCERN IN ARGENTINA The country most affected by the activity of the volcanic complex Puyehue-Cordón Caulle is Argentina, which currently experiences the highest cessation air for the last three years. On Thursday authorized only three takeoffs and an equal number of arrivals in the country within hours of the morning.

From 02.00 am (07.00 CET in Spain) on that day were canceled all flights. At Ezeiza terminal were suspended 50 arrivals and 61 departures, while Jorge Newbery (known as Aeroparque) by 213 flights were canceled, according to the newspaper "Clarín". LAN, Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral have decided to stop operations until 14.00 hours (19.00 hours), when you take a decision depending on the conditions of airspace.

Aerolineas Argentinas canceled its flights scheduled for Friday in Madrid, Bogota and Caracas. "The rest of the schedule on Friday will be subject to weather conditions and the evolution of the volcanic ash layer," the company said in a statement released by local media. The Argentina National Weather Service expected to continue volcanic cloud "stuck" on Buenos Aires in the coming hours and will not be until the afternoon (evening in Spain) when weather conditions may improve.

Today, "is not expected to change the conditions until the afternoon or evening, so until then the cloud will remain on the city of Buenos Aires and it is expected that the winds in the area of the volcano begins to blow from the west , and the cloud will move into the Atlantic and "cut," said Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi, told reporters.

Austral and Aerolineas Argentinas announced that flights to the cities of Trelew, Neuquén Viedma, Río Gallegos, Calafate, Ushuaia, Rio Grande, Comodoro Rivadavia, Bahia Blanca, Santa Rosa, San Rafael and Mar del Plata will be suspended until Sunday while the aircraft to Bariloche and Esquel Chapelco not take off until next Wednesday, June 15.

BLACKOUT IN BARILOCHE A new outage occurred Friday morning in the resort town of Bariloche due to a heavy storm, which caused the suspension of classes until further notice. The authorities have expressed concern about the consequences of this crisis on tourism. Besides this problem, the population has had to endure the consequences of the accumulation of sand and ash from the volcano have clogged drains Peyehue and affected several rivers.

Many homes flooded and some streets woke up had to be closed by the accumulation of water and mud, according to local media reports. Volunteer firefighters summoned its members to deal with emergencies that occur regularly, mostly by floods, the official agency Telam accurate. For his part, National Highways special machines sent to the local airport to begin withdrawing the accumulated ash.

SITUATION IN BRAZIL The Brazilian airline Gol, TAM and Blue have canceled all flights in the state Rio Grande do Sul, which has been paralyzed activity at airports in Caxias do Sul and Porto Alegre. TAM and Gol have reported that closely follows both Puyehue volcanic activity and weather conditions, which are continuously varying direction of the ash cloud.

All companies say they are addressing the needs of passengers affected. The Brazilian Air Force has stated that, according to the Center for Management of Air Navigation, the volcanic ash cloud is 7.5 km altitude, just above Rio Grande do Sul The tag could reach Porto Alegre if conditions remain current state warns Agencia Brasil.

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