Friday, June 10, 2011

Bacteria killer: the balance rises to 30 dead in Europe

The balance of the bacteria killer type E. Enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) which prevails in Europe has increased, Thursday, June 9, reaching thirty dead, according to the Robert Koch Institute, which lists the numbers of patients and victims in Germany. Five new casualties recorded in Germany, including a young woman of 20 years.

So far, most victims were women aged 60 years or more, says the Institute. Lower Saxony Land is the most affected, with ten deaths, as against seven in the Schleswig-Holstein. The German authorities, however, continue to observe a "downward trend for several days the number of new cases." In Hamburg, one of the epicentres of contagion, they also raised a number of persistent reflux of new patients.

German health authorities continue to hunt down the source of contamination of the epidemic which broke out five weeks ago, but so far unsuccessfully.
Latest development, the discovery on Thursday of a variant of the bacteria on sprouts beets Dutch exports to Germany and Belgium. "What we do know is that this is not the variant causing the epidemic in Germany. This is another variant of the bacterium EHEC, "said a spokesman for the Dutch health authorities, adding that the vegetables had been withdrawn from sale.

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