Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chile .- Montevideo Airport suspended flights by the Chilean volcano ash Puyehue

MONTEVIDEO, 7 Jun. Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, has suspended almost all flights as a result of the ashes that broadcasts in recent days by Chilean volcano Puyehue, which has also affected the air terminals Argentina. According to the website of the airport, the morning of Tuesday have been canceled a total of 18 "arrivals", including some flights that were scheduled to arrive in the evening.

The majority are Aerolineas Argentinas, LAN and TAM JJ. The IB 6013 Iberia flight from Madrid was scheduled to land in Montevideo at 09.40 hours (14.40 hours in Spain) but has been postponed to 22.45 hours (03.45 hours on Wednesday), reports the website of the Carrasco International Airport.

In terms of arrivals, there are a total of 26 flights canceled since early this morning, mostly from Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil, and several domestic flights. This affects especially Aerolineas Argentinas, TAM JJ, TACA and LAN Pluna. Airport sources told the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais that have not yet scheduled to resume activities in Uruguay's main airport.

Some flights, such as coming from the United States, arrived in the morning but using a different flight path, says the newspaper. The volcanic complex Caulle Puyehue-Cordón, which stretches along 15 miles between the regions of Los Lagos and Los Rios, last erupted on Saturday, June 4, and forced the Chilean authorities evacuated 4,000 people of 22 rural locations.

The last recorded eruption occurred in 1950, after the tragic earthquake of 9.5 degrees that rocked the city of Valdivia in Los Ríos. Some experts believe that the ashes of the volcano in Chile Puyehue could come in the next hours to Uruguay. "It would be the first time," said Mario Caffera climatologist told El Pais, but said that everything depends on the "circulation of the winds" and the volume of ash emission and concentration.

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