Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chile .- The ash cloud from the Chilean Peyehue arrived in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 7 Jun. The ash cloud caused by the eruption of volcano in Chile on Tuesday Peyehue has come to the province of Buenos Aires and has already begun to be felt in the capital of Argentina, which has worsened the situation of airports that have been forced to suspend further flights. "The cloud passed through the territory of the province of Buenos Aires and is already suburban area and coming to Capital (Federal)," reported the head of the Emergency Council of the Province of Buenos Aires, Jorge Echarren.

The dense cloud "is between 5,000 and 7,000 meters high" on the capital region, but "as it does not contain the amount of particles that hit the Bariloche area, we will not have the drawbacks that were there," he has said in statements Echarren Radio Province. The volcanic complex Puyehue-Cordón Caulle erupted last Saturday, June 4, and hours later it began to affect the southern region of Argentina.

The ashes came first to Bariloche, Dina Huapi, El Bolson, Villa La Angostura, San Martín and Junín de los Andes and northern Chubut and Neuquén Cipolletti and reached Monday. The Argentine authorities have called for calm to the population of Buenos Aires province - home to about 15.5 million people - they rule out that there is a heavy ash fall.

"If this happens you have to work on prevention, with ease, leading the daily activities with special care," said Echarren. The executive director of the Emergency Council, Jorge Etcherrán, has urged residents in affected areas to take "precautions logical case, although he has considered no cause for an alarm because" there is a serious situation ".

STATUS OF FLIGHTS The Ministry of Transport has confirmed that Argentina will continue to Bariloche airport closed, Chapelco, Esquel, Trelew, Viedma and Bahia Blanca. In addition, cancellations are recorded in the airport terminals Ezeiza, Aeroparque, Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande, Ushuaia, Comodoro Rivadavia, Mendoza, Santa Rosa and San Rafael, according to the daily needs 'Clarín'.

According to the Ministry of Transport, "since until this morning (Tuesday) the volcano was still active, it is expected the reopening of the airport terminals are not guaranteed until the security conditions necessary to operate." Bariloche airport will be closed at least until 21 June due to the presence of ash across the region from the Puyehue volcano, reported Tuesday at a news conference the mayor Marcelo Cascón.

Tourism has been significantly affected in this famous region of Argentina, due to flight cancellations and the damage that has caused ash in road infrastructure. The crisis committee - created the weekend before the arrival of the volcanic plume - has recommended people not to leave their homes and avoid contact with the outside to avoid inhaling the Puyehue emissions.

A blackout affected more than eight hours to the inhabitants of the cities of Bariloche and Villa La Angostura. The massive cut occurred near 04.00 hours (09.00 hours in Spain) because of the "rain water and ashes" whose members "caused short circuits in power electrical system," says 'Clarín'.

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