Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Massacre of policemen in Jisr Ash Shugur opponents: they would not shoot into the crowd

 The Syrian state television reported that 80 policemen were killed in Jisr Ash Shugur, a city of 37 thousand inhabitants in the north-west of the country on the border with Turkey, where the evening of Friday the army is engaged in a massive enforcement action. According to the issuer, the agents were ambushed by "armed groups": "A real massacre.

They mutilated the corpses and threw them into the river Orontes, they also set fire to government buildings." The TV talking about "fierce fighting between security agents and armed militia who control some parts of the city." Militias to which it addresses directly the Syrian interior minister in a statement read on television, warning that "the State will not remain with folded arms in the face of attacks." Quite different from the version provided by two opponents of the regime of President Bashar Al Assad on the telephone by AFP from Nicosia.

According to them, the shooting that killed the agents took place Sunday and was the result of a mutiny within the local police headquarters. According to one of the activists, the real murderess is the regime, which could have done justice to the men who did not want to open fire on demonstrators.

Other sources of opposition, this time cited by the pan-Arab Al Arabiya TV, affirm the false news "spread by a liar and corrupt regime." Lies, according to anti-Assad activists, serves only to justify the imminent entry of tanks into the town of Jisr Ash Shugur "to punish the villagers who had peacefully demonstrated last Friday." According to activists, from Saturday to today, 37 civilians in the town killed by security forces.

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