Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Israeli army opened fire on demonstrators on the Golan Heights

At least twenty Palestinians were killed and over 300 others wounded Sunday, June 5, while a crowd tried to scale the barbed son to enter the Golan occupied by Israel according to the Syrian news agency Sana. Of Israeli army fire on Palestinian demonstrators who came from Syria to commemorate the "Naksa", the Arab defeat against Israel during the Six Day War, were confirmed by a correspondent of the agency.

According to Israel Radio, a large number of Palestinians were victims of an anti-tank mine explosion which was triggered by a brush fire at Kuneitra city of Golan and gathering places for protesters. Syria has brought 23 dead Monday in the record of an event held yesterday in the Golan region.
Gen. Yoav Mordechai, spokesman of the army, spoke of a balance of 12 dead. The demonstrators, mostly young people, trying to cross into force the cease-fire on the Israeli Golan Heights.

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