Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yemen, Saleh hospital in Riyadh's deputy: "He'll be back in the coming days"

You may have to do more with the situation in Yemen, with its real medical conditions the decision of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to use a Saudi hospital for the operation caused by injuries in the attack on the presidential residence. The assault occurred on June 3, at the height of clashes between loyalists of President and insurgents linked to the tribe of al Ahmar, the main tribal confederation in the country.

The admission of Saleh in a hospital in Riyadh has allowed in the country reached a fragile truce after two weeks of heavy fighting that caused dozens of deaths and thousands of people forced to flee from the capital Sana'a. The fact that the ceasefire seems to hold also leads to speculation and hypothesis as to whether or not Saleh returns home after 33 years of autocratic rule.

Thousands of protesters celebrated in Sana'a when they spread the news of his departure from Yemen, but the enthusiasm may be premature. Abdu al-Janad, vice minister of information, in fact, continues to repeat the international news agencies that "the President is well and will return." And today's interim president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said that "Saleh returns home the next day." This seems to exclude, at least officially, that the recovery of the Yemeni president in Saudi Arabia will last, quite rightly, until an agreement has been completed to divert the country from the brink of civil war.

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