Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three members of Hams died in an attack by Israel

An attack by Israeli aircraft targeted a car traveling between the city of Khan Younes in the southern Gaza strip, and refugee camp of Deir al-Balah have ended this morning with the lives of three people and hurt someone else. If at first you only knew the death of three people by some witnesses as well as medical evidence, past a couple of hours the Palestinian movement Hamas announced that the three Palestinians killed in the attack were members of his organization.

However, has refused to confirm or deny that it was "a terrorist cell that planned the abduction of citizens of Israel during the Passover celebration, as he had secured the Hebrew side. The response of the armed faction of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qasr, and announced in a statement that Israel "will suffer all the consequences" as a result of the attack.

An Israeli army spokesman confirmed that the attack carried out in conjunction with the agency's internal security (Shin Bet) was intended to eliminate a terrorist cell that was designed to attack against Israeli tourists are expected to visit the Sinai desert with the proximity of the Week Sanata.

Although Hamas, the political party that rules Gaza, has offered a truce to Israel, the exchange of fire between Israel and Palestinian armed groups like Islamic Jihad has continued. On the one hand Hamas and other militants firing rockets at Jewish territories, while the Israeli offensive organized occasionally resulted in civilian casualties.

In recent weeks, the escalation of violence between the two sides has increased, and as a result of these events has already threatened Israel to act with "great strength and determination" against the shooting of rockets from the Palestinian side. Two days ago a similar attack killed a member of the armed wing of Islamic Jihad who was armed and traveling in moto-one was hurt.

To this is added the suicide bombing at a Jerusalem bus station, an attack that came a day after eight Palestinians who died in several attacks by the Israeli army in Gaza.

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